Don’t throw Legos away!

You will grow up. What will your mom do with your Legos?

She can recycle them. Print a label. Send the bricks to a Lego workshop. It is free!

Lego cleans the pieces. They box them. Then they give the sets to clubs for kids.


READ MORE: Plastic can break down into tiny pieces. Birds and other animals might eat those harmful bits. So Lego wants to keep its plastic bricks out of the trash. U.S. customers now may recycle their used bricks. The Lego company also works to find less harmful materials to make its pieces. It makes the plastic for trees and bushes from sugar cane! Genesis 2:15 reminds us that God wants us to work and keep the Earth He created.


Lesson #4:  Lego Math. LEGO bricks are a great way to teach your younger mathematicians. The Internet is full of sites to help you do this. Here are two: and God is faithful to uphold His world through orderly mathematical patterns, laws, and structures (look at those pine cones from Lesson #2). It is a teacher’s privilege to help children discover the wonder of math. Take time to make it fun.