This fruit won a prize.

The fruit grew on a tall tree in Hawaii. It was round and green. It looked like a dinosaur egg.

It was as big as a child’s head. It was heavier than a puppy. What was it? It was the biggest avocado in the world!


Read More: The Pokini family planted an avocado seed. It grew into a tall tree. The tree was healthy and strong. Matthew 7:17 says, “So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit.” The tree had big berries called avocados. Did you know avocados aren’t veggies? They are a kind of fruit. One avocado on the tree was huge! It was the biggest avocado the family had ever seen. It weighed over five pounds! They entered it in the Guinness World Records avocado contest. They won! What did the Pokini family do with their award-winning avocado? They ate it.

Lesson #1: Avocado on a Stick. Try this snack from You will need 12 straight, thin pretzel sticks; ¼ ripe avocado seeded, peeled and cubed; 2 slices nonfat American cheese, cut into 1-inch squares; ½ red apple, cored and cubed; and 12 red grapes. Use a pretzel stick as the skewer. Thread on a grape, cheese square, apple cube, and avocado cube. Repeat process to make 12 “Pick Up Sticks.”