Shepherds love tending sheep.

A shepherd strolls among the sheep. His dogs are with him.  They make no sound. The sheep are not afraid.

The shepherd opens the gate. The sheep follow him out. He moves a hand. One dog patrols the flock. The other rounds up strays.

Who is the best shepherd?


READ MORE: Germany has lots of sheep—and shepherds. Sheepherding contests are held every year. Shepherds and their dogs must tend a flock of 300 sheep. They guide the sheep out of a pen and into a field. They have the sheep stop, turn, gather to graze, go over a bridge, and return to the pen. The shepherd speaks quietly. The dogs do not bark. The sheep obey. Isaiah 40:11 reminds us that God  “will tend His flock like a shepherd; He will gather the lambs in His arms.”