Hurray for Scotland!

People celebrate Scotland at the Highland Games. They “Toss the Sheaf.” They play bagpipes. They have a clan tug-of-war. Some dogs herd sheep. Some people wear kilts. Everyone has a good time.


READ MORE: Is there an Alan, Bruce, or Duncan in your family? These are names of families—or clans—in Scotland. Many from these clans now live in the United States. They like to celebrate Scotland at the Highland Games on Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina or other places. Some wear the family tartan (plaid cloth). All enjoy the music, dancing, and pole toss or hammer throw. Isaiah 46:9 tells us to “remember the former things of old; for I am God, and there is none like me.”


Lesson #8: Awesome Scots. Besides, bagpipes, kilts, and Highland Games, Scotland boasts that a few of its countrymen have given the world some interesting inventions. Research these with your kids: The first working television system (John Logie Baird), kaleidoscopes (Sir David Brewster), the basis for the first artificial refrigeration (William Cullen), the pedal bicycle (Kirkpatrick Macmillan), the first patented flushing toilet (Alexander Cumming), and chicken tikka masala (Ali Ahmed Aslam, a Bangladeshi chef in Glasgow).