A troll never truly goes away.

Isak is a big wooden troll. 

Visitors came to see him. TheyBut they tromped through yards. They left trash.

People said, “Take Isak down!”

Good news! Isak now is in a better spot. It is okay for visitors too.


READ MORE: Thomas Dambo built the troll for a festival last year in Breckenridge, Colorado. Townspeople didn’t know that thousands of visitors would come to see “Isak Heartstone.” Homeowners complained. Mr. Dambo took Isak down. He rebuilt the troll in the woods behind an ice arena. It Isak even has a heart-shaped stone inside. Make-believe trolls are not-so-nice creatures with stony hearts. There is good news for us! Ezekiel 36:26 tells us that God removes our hearts of stone and gives us hearts of flesh, to love Him!


Lesson #4. Troll Tales. First graders are beginning to develop their writing skills for the first time. Have them write a story about Isak Heartstone. Ask questions to get their imaginations working. (What did he like about his first home? How did he feel when he was taken apart? What is it like in his new home? What does his heart do?) The children could construct their narrative by drawing a series of pictures or they might need to dictate their story to you. Remind them that God has given us His story in writing. He has made us in His own image so that we also may write stories for His glory.