Can they bake in space?

Astronauts on the Space Station want fresh baked food. 

The Zero G Kitchen Space Oven is ready! A rocket will carry it into space this year.

Astronauts could be baking cookies soon!

READ MORE: Zero G Kitchen is in New York City. Its owners are chefs. They invented a space oven. It is expected to be among supplies that will be sent by rocket to the International Space Station. An oven on the Space Station cannot be too hot. It cannot leave crumbs that would clog expensive machines or be sniffed up by astronauts. The first cookies baked in space will be chocolate chip, of course! How many things that God created does it take to make a cookie? 1 Chronicles 16:34 reminds us, “Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!”


Lesson #3: Cookie Math. Cut butcher paper into the size and shape of a cookie sheet. Draw 12 to 20 round cookies in rows. Add a varied number of  “chocolate chips” to each cookie (from one to 12). You will need a pair of dice and some small objects (mini erasers, glass gems, buttons). Have your child roll the dice and cover the cookie that has the corresponding number of chocolate chips. Younger children will learn one-to-one correspondence as they count the dots on the dice and the cookies. They also will learn how to recognize how many dots there are on the dice and the cookies without having to count each one. Older children will be able to review addition facts as they play. Go to for further information.