Some snakes are spies.

Pythons are good at hide and seek. But a few wear trackers. They slither back to where other snakes hide. Beep. Beep. The signal gives them all away. 

READ MORE: Burmese pythons get big and hungry. There are too many in Florida. They eat other animals. Scientists have a plan to catch pythons. First they catch one snake and put a tracker inside it. This makes the snake a spy! The snake is released. It goes back to where other snakes like to hide. The tracker gives away the whole bunch. Genesis 1:28 tells us that God put people in charge of animals—even snakes!


Lesson #2:  Snake Safari. Young children are usually inquisitive about every creature they see. Primary teacher Reagan Tunstall found fake plastic snakes at a supermarket and brought them to school to teach her first graders about snakes, syllables, and other things. Find her ideas at