It was a hidden treasure!

A man in England hunts for metal. He looked in a field. 

Buzz-buzz! He found a very old gold coin! 

He sold the coin. Someone paid seven hundred thousand dollars for it! That was a record.


The man asked a farmer if he could hunt for metal in his field. “Beep-beep” went his detector. He found old tractor parts. “Buzz, buzz,” went his detector. That means gold! It was a 1,700 year-old coin. It shows the face of a Roman emperor named Allectus.  There are only 24 of these coins in the world. The finder sold the coin for $700,000. He will share his money with the farmer.Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:20-21 that our hearts are with our treasures. So we should “lay up treasures in heaven.”