It was a hidden treasure!

A man in England hunts for metal. He looked in a field. 

Buzz-buzz! He found a very old gold coin! 

He sold the coin. Someone paid seven hundred thousand dollars for it! That was a record.

READ MORE: The man asked a farmer if he could hunt for metal in his field. “Beep-beep” went his detector. He found old tractor parts. “Buzz, buzz,” went his detector. That means gold! It was a 1,700 year-old coin. It shows the face of a Roman emperor named Allectus.  There are only 24 of these coins in the world. The finder sold the coin for $700,000. He will share his money with the farmer. Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:20-21 that our hearts are with our treasures. So we should “lay up treasures in heaven.”


Lesson #1: Coin Comparison. Your children may never find a valuable old coin to sell for lots of money. But they can have fun with U.S. coins. Give each pair of children a bag containing a small number of coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters). Ask them to sort the coins into groups and to discuss how they know which ones to put where. Then have them look closely at the coins. How are they the same? How are they different? Check out more activities at Another helpful site with coin games and information is