About God's Big WORLD

A safe place to explore.

It’s a big world out there! And we want your children to uncover it, dissect it and explore it in more ways than one.

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Our little ones have all kinds of big learning tools these days, and our goal is to connect them with God in the ways they enjoy most – whether that be reading with you, on the family computer, or on your smartphone. With God’s Big WORLD, you can watch your children discover and grow with:

  • Colorful magazines that reinforce the discovery of God’s presence in the world around them (six bimonthly issues, delivered year-round)
  • A safe website where early readers experience the world with big-screen splash or mobile-screen convenience
  • Age-appropriate video stories – read by friendly voices to advance word recognition, letter sounds, and reading skills
  • A convenient story schedule – organized week-by-week – to assist with home or classroom learning
  • Skill-building puzzles and activities

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